ThermaFlo 1500W htr w/ Heat Sweep Review

ThermaFlo 1500W htr w/ Heat Sweep
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I love my Thermoflo Smart Heat Heater. Once it has gotten the room to a comfortable temperature it is very quiet. Even when it is just starting to heat up a cold room it is quieter than most other heaters with a fan. I live in a one bedroom apt. and when it is really cold I just point it more in the direction of the room that I am in at the time. It was only designed to do one room but I did just fine with one heater and 2+ rooms all winter. And yes it is nice even warmth, no cold spots.
I also like that it is small and lightweight enough to take with me wherever I go.

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Smart Thermaflo technology save up to 33 percent electricity when operating in ''green'' (1000 watt) ''Thermaflo'' mode. This remarkable unit senses when the room temperature reaches the pre-set comfort level to automatically engage the energy saving mode. Should the room temperature drop, Smart Thermaflo will automatically sense at which heat level it must operate to maintain the comfort level. No Glow high tech heating element delivers 5120 BTU's of heat / Ideal for use wherever zone heating is required / Automatically reduces heat output and synchronizes the fan speed, resulting in whisper quiet operation as the room comfort level is reached / Patented Heat Sweep pulse action heater sweeps a curtain of cozy comfort 45 times per minute with four enclosed louvers.

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