CADET 13104 EBHA Softheat Permanent Baseboard Heater 240V 1500W White Sand 83" (EBHA1500WS) Review

CADET 13104 EBHA Softheat Permanent Baseboard Heater 240V 1500W White Sand 83 (EBHA1500WS)
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I needed to replace an existing electric baseboard heater because the open design was simply too dangerous for my babies bedroom. Toys kept winding up in the open top and getting burnt.
The hydronic heater is probably about ten times the cost of a non-hydronic heater, but in my case it was definitely worth it for the following reasons:
- The top is pretty well closed off, it is much less likely objects are going to get inside and burn.
- The temperature of the heating elements is about half that of a non-hydronic heater, which makes me feel much safer.
- Comfort level is far, far, far superior to the non-hydronic heaters. The temperature of the room stays consistent, whereas with the non-hydronic heaters it gets cold within minutes of the heat shutting off. The consistency is due to the fluid chamber holding the heat after the power has shut off.
- It is silent. The standard electric heaters creak and bang when they heat up, which is annoying in any bedroom. This heater is dead quiet. For this reason I want to upgrade the heaters in every bedroom to hydronic.
I'll also point out that my experience buying this from Ace was excellent. The unit they shipped me arrived with a big hole in the box, and the front metal panel was badly scratched and dented. When I contacted customer support, they immediately shipped me a replacement panel with zero hassle. For this reason I'd want to buy from them again even if I found a lower price for the same unit somewhere else.
The only potential negative to this unit is the fact that you can only do the wiring on the left side. Of course as luck would have it, my old unit was wired on the right side so I had to go through the hassle of running wire through the wall to the other end of the unit.

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General Information: Cadet's premier hydronic baseboard line is recommended for nurseries and bedrooms, and for people with severe allergies. While Softheat offers everyone a comfortably warm room, it was specifically designed to reduce the effects of indoor allergens, compared to other heating systems. Additional benefits include lower operating and surface temperatures and whisper quiet operation. The Softheat hydronic baseboard uses circulating fluid (80% water and 20% Ethylene Glycol) to provide steady, uniform warmth with longer heat retention and minimal temperature variation. No plumbing necessary! Cadet recommends a wall-mounted thermostat for optimum performance, or you may prefer the convenience of an optional field mount thermostat kit (Left end wiring only). Technical Information: Heater is constructed of 22 gauge steel for durability and powder coated for a quality finish. Baseboard heaters work best when placed under a window and at least 12" from furniture or other objects. Keep at least 12" minimum from objects hanging above (i.e., drapes). Heater may be placed directly on the floor and mounted to the wall. (Left end wiring only). Ordering Information: SOFTHEAT EBHA heaters require a thermostat. For optimum comfort use a Cadet electronic thermostat or a dual diaphragm thermostat

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