Lux Products TX9000TS-004 Touch Screen 7 Day Programmable Thermostat Review

Lux Products TX9000TS-004 Touch Screen 7 Day Programmable Thermostat
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Took about 45 minutes from removing old unit to new installation and completing programming. It works great!SYSTEM:
4 wire Gas heating and electric cooling.OLD UNIT:
Honeywell Electronic C9825 - bought in year 2000. Has weekday, weekend, 4 periods per day and adaptive recovery. Replaced as temperature override and 'Hold' features work erratically.TOTAL EXPERIENCE:
The TX9000TS is the 3rd electronic thermostat I've owned and is probably the most intuitive of them all. Lux has provided a generous sized display and a very responsive touch-screen. The back light is a pleasing blue. The unit is 3 parts - the main unit, a back plate where you connect the wires and an optional accent plate that provides a .75 inch border to provide a finished look.
I had read the earlier reviews on Amazon and had decided that I will not read the instructions prior to the install to determine how intuitive this system really was? The only exception I would allow myself was if the wiring was significantly different from my old unit - which it was not!
The setup was relatively simple. Removed the old unit and replaced it with the new back plate and accent bezel. No new holes to drill. The accent bezel is the closest piece to the wall and is held up by the back plate. I straightened the old wires, inserted into the corresponding clamp and tightened the screws - Total time of 15 minutes.
I inserted 2 new alkaline batteries (And NO, I did not use the recommended Duracell or Energizer!) and the unit came to life. I clicked on the time and it started beeping. I could see arrows on the right and intuitively touched them to set the time. Did the same to set the day. Touching the 'Menu' got me into the programming mode for the unit. I touched "SCROLL" to skip to the next feature, and "NEXT" for the next step in the feature programming. I do admit I took a few iterations to get used to the programming logic. Also 'YES' to accept settings is a little different from the colloquial "ENTER" we are used to in a computer literate world!
This unit is programmable for every day of the week. I, at most, need one setting for all week-days and one each for Sat and Sun. While programming the days, I noticed that they had a "COPY" function. I was sure that this was to copy my settings - every time I touched it, it went over to the next day. I thought that the data was being copied over and I did verify it after I completed my first iteration of programming. By the way, once you are in the programming mode, setting the start time for any period and/or setting the temperature is as simple as touching the time or temperature and using the up/down arrows. Could not be simpler!
I was fortunate that I had the program settings available from my old unit - once I went through a few iterations of errors (not using "YES" to accept settings!) the unit was programmed - Total time of 15 minutes
I spent another 10 minutes setting the 'Filter Usage' and 'Swing settings' and reviewing the 'Temperature Calibration' and 'Energy Usage' monitor. The Swing settings only went upto 2.5 degrees in 0.5 degree increments (One of the other reviewer found that it went upto 3.0 degrees???)
I did not see the 'Smart Recovery' option and thought that it might be a switch on the circuit board like my last unit. It was 1.30 in the morning and I did not feel like reading the instructions. I attached the TX9000TS and it kicked off instantly.
The instructions did have the following options that can be changed with the small slide switches towards the back of the main unit -- 12/24 hours time format, Smart Recovery, Degrees in C or F, and 2 or 5 minute interval between restarts.OTHER REVIEWER'S CONCERNS
Some of the other reviewers have concerns that the unit does not automatically switch between heating and cooling to keep the temperature constant. This is done intentionally!
In the summer, our ideal temperature is 74 degrees. When we leave for work, our "DAY" period is set to 82 degrees so that the AC does not cool the home while we're out. In an auto switch between heating and cooling, the heat would take over and get the temperature to 82 degrees and maintain it - which is NOT the intent!! We do not want the AC to cool any below 82. I can, of course, see the gentleman's point if one spends 90% of their time at home and is OK with the associated heating/cooling cost.PROS:
* TX9000TS is rated #1 by Consumer Reports
* Cheapest in its class for display size and features
* Very easy to program
* Love the LARGE display and the accuracy of the touch zones.
* Very nice Backlight and fantastic positioning of the backlight switch.
* Like the "CHANGE FILTER" feature. I used to use a Sharpie on the filter and then try to read the date through the grill
* Like the "Low Battery" alert.
* Power Usage also seems like a valuable feature...will find out in the near future! I did manage to find it by pressing menu and scrollingCONS:
* Lux could have done a better job with the programming terminology and could have improved the user experience with regards to the programming. For e.g., if you had to program day and time, it continues to loop when you click "NEXT"...to exit the programming you need to use "MENU".
* Another feature I miss from my old Honeywell is the "RUN PROGRAM" button which when pressed would clear the "OVERRIDE" functions and run as per the program. The TX9000TS unit achieves this either by touching the temperature and using the arrow keys to bring the temperature to the programmed value, OR, by touching "HOLD" twice. Minor inconvenience.
* The tabs, on the top of the base plate, that hold this unit are very small and I am in constant fear of breaking them off. My old Honeywell had a very robust design.CONCLUSION:
I do agree that the TX9000TS is not completely intuitive, but it is nowhere as unintuitive as others claim. I do like to play around with stuff that I get...if it were all super-intuitive and easy then it'd be no fun! ;o)

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Efficient. Easy. Economical. That's why you'll love the Lux Products TX9000TS Seven-Day Programmable Thermostat. This clever device gives you complete and accurate temperature control at the touch of a finger. And compatible with a variety of heating and cooling systems, this thermostat incorporates do-it-yourself installation, a responsive touch screen, and a large lighted display for straightforward programming and operation.
Customize Your Home's Heating and Cooling ScheduleWith the TX9000TS it's easy to set a daily heating and cooling schedule for your home, which can ensure your comfort and potentially reduce your utility costs. With easy-to-use menu-driven programming and intuitive touch-screen commands, this thermostat allows you to program up to four different time and temperature settings in a 24-hour period (morning, day, evening, and night).

You also have the option of setting a different program for every day of the week.

Environmentally Friendly, Wallet-Friendly ChoiceThe TX9000TS can be an energy-efficient, environmentally friendly choice that can save your family approximately 33% on energy bills.

It comes pre-programmed with a default energy conserving heating and cooling schedule that's designed to save up to $180 in energy costs over one year.

And thanks to the keyboard lockout feature, the TX9000TS is great for households with small children or other potential unauthorized users.

User-Friendly Features and Operating SimplicityIncredibly user-friendly, the TX9000TS boasts a range of helpful features to simplify both programming and everyday operation. First, a large blue electroluminescent display is easy to read--even in low light--and clearly shows the current day, time, temperature, and filter status.

Additionally, audible touch confirmation indicates that your choices are being registered, while snowflake and flame icons indicate cooling or heating mode. For further convenience, a filter-usage monitor allows you to set filter limits from zero to 720 hours of use, and a 'replace' icon will appear when battery power is running low.

What's in the BoxTX9000TS programmable thermostat, mounting hardware, and manual.

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