Hydrofarm CK64060 Hot House with Heat Mat Review

Hydrofarm CK64060 Hot House with Heat Mat
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I got this from Amazon because they were hard to find locally. Dont you know it Lowes and Home Depot have started carrying them now for the same price. This does not have the grow media with it so I had to go to Lowes to get some starter soil for it where I saw Lowes had started carrying them and they had the media included.Yeah I was pissed. This one has a taller dome which was a major attraction for me but the moisture condenses on the dome runs down the sides and pours out of the planter as the dome lip sits on the outside of the tray. So if you have this in the house its gonna make a mess unless you put the tray in a bigger tray to catch the water. So buy it locally that way if you dont like it its easy to return.

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Promote root growth for flowers, vegetables, herbs, and more under the Hot House dome and heat mat from Hydrofarm. The system bolsters germination and helps grow healthier starts with total heat and humidity control. The kit includes a UL-listed, waterproof heat mat, a 6-inch tall humidity dome, an 11- by 22-inch watertight base tray, a 72-cell seedling insert, and instructions with growing tips.

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