NORITZ Outdoor 7.5 GPM Tankless Water Heater NR98-ODNG Review

NORITZ Outdoor 7.5 GPM Tankless Water Heater NR98-ODNG
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My old (traditional tank) water heater broke. Replacing it with the same style tank based system was not automatic for me as I saw this as a chance to regain some coveted garage space. The local home depot had Rheem tankless water heaters but not quite the model I wanted so I started searching online and ended up here. Noritz is the cadillac of the tankless water heater systems - you cannot go wrong with them, certainly for this price and you save tax on top of that.
The system was installed by our plumber in 1 day. Whereas I had an inside tank based water heater before, I now have an outside tankless water heater and just a few pipes in the garage. The unit installed easily (according to the plumber) and operated instantly and without flaws. I have had it for 2 weeks and have received excellent hot water service from it. We have a 3 people living in the house and never have to struggle with luke warm water, even if the washing machine and/or dish washer is doing its business at the same time someone takes a shower. This unit is small but boy does it deliver!
In case you are considering going tankless, these might be your conserns:
1. Will I have hot water or luke warm? This is largely a question of how much hot water do you need at a given time. This unit raises 7.5Gallons/minut 45F. The shower is about 2G/m, a faucet perhaps 1G/m, the dish washer and laundry perhaps each another 2G/m. If incoming water is at 60F, I end up with 100F or so for the shower, which is more than enough. The dish washer has its own heater... 7.5G/m is more than enough.
2. Will I have hot water ... instantly? Ah, no, you won't but that is not a problem of your water heater. If you have not used hot water for a while, all water in the pipes turns cold. Once you turn on the hot water tap, all that cold water needs to come out first before you feel hot. Tank or tankless based systems would perform identically in this respect.
3. My current tank based system is in the garage, should I not just go with an inside unit? Sure you can but these systems require a stainless steel exhaust (no, you cannot use your existing ventilation). The stainless steel exhausts are ridiculously expensive and runs in the hundreds of dollars quickly. If you have the chance to put the unit outside, do it. Now, if you live in an area where "things" may get pretty cold outside and you have to run considerable lengths of copper - perhaps inside is better for you.
4. Can I compare different brands by just looking at thair G/m rating? No, you need to determine the G/m rating AND how many degrees it raises the water temperature at that rating. Not all brands specify this identically!
5. If I just need a trickle of hot water, will the unit actually kick in and heat the slow flow? Yes, it will. Some other brands may not but this Noritz does turn on as soon as you use hot water, however little.

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Noritz Natural Gas Outdoor Tankless Water HeaterWith more power than any tankless water heater in its class, the NR98 series is ideal for mid-size homes with up to 3+ showers.These units offer several innovations, such as the dual flame burners, Quick-Connect and Turbo-Flow feature which can boost its output up to 9.8 gallons per minute.In addition, the piping is 25% thicker than our competitor's to accomodate the higher flow rate demand.Energy Factor (EF) for NR98-ODNG: Natural Gas 0.82Propane 0.86Thermal Efficiency: 84%For outdoor useonly

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