Rheem 22VR40FN Ultra Low Nox NG Water Heater, 40 G HE Review

Rheem 22VR40FN Ultra Low Nox NG Water Heater, 40 G HE
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Rheem customer service is terrible. I have a 50 gallon water heater that has started making a horrendous noise that resonates through the house immediately when the hot water is turned on. The warranty is 6 year parts no labor from Rheem. I have no problem with that. I called the plumbing company that originally installed it. They checked it out and could not determine the source of the problem. I called Rheem. The gentleman told me exactly what should have been checked and told me it could be only one of two things. I called my servicer. The company owner contacted Rheem to confirm what I was told. Another visit from repairman. He did everything Rheem told me and the company owner to do, to no avail. It is not sediment. It is inside the tank and the noise originates from the exact same place on the left side every time. I called Rheem back and told them it was still a problem and requested a new tank. I was told they would not replace it because I couldn't prove what was wrong to warrant the replacement. She now gave me another item that should be checked. She also told me to call my gas company and have the gas checked, except the burner doesn't even kick on and the noise is happening. This is the third service call, and mind you, they don't cover any labor. I think I have been more than patient and they, who manufactured the item, can't tell me what is wrong, but they expect me to tell them what is wrong for them to replace it. The woman basically tried to brush me off. She told me there is no reason it should be making that noise. I think I already knew that. I would never buy a Rheem again. I agree that I had a responsibility to try to have it repaired first, but I think I have more than fulfilled my part of the deal. I can't say all Rheem products are a problem, but their customer service is horrible if you do have a problem.

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Rheem Ultra Low Nox Water HeaterRheem Fury Gas Series offers affordable and efficient hot water solutions. Features Guardian System - One-of-a-kind air/fuel shut-off device offers double protection, maintenance free - no filter to clean, standard replacement parts. High efficiency model.40 gallon - natural gasSelf - Cleaning - Everkleen patented system fights sediment build-upHigh altitude compliantHE - High efficiencyMeets Ultra Low Nitrogen Oxide emmission standardsSpecifications

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