Laing UCT-909-Tankless Ultracirc Recirc Pump Review

Laing UCT-909-Tankless Ultracirc Recirc Pump
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This pump can be heard throughout the entire house plumbing. A high pitch wine. It replaced a Danfos that was perfectly silent. The other problem is, I have never had a responce from vender on my complaint...from a month...

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Laing UCT-909-Tankless Ultracirc Recirc PumpThe UCT-909 -Tankless is a timer and temperature controlled circulator. This innovative product design provides a controlled hot water recirculation system for tankless water heaters. The benefits of tankless water heater systems are increased by adding the luxury and convenience of instant hot water at all fixtures in the home. The strap-on temperature sensor regulates the system temperature and limits the length of time the tankless heater will be operating during the recirculation period. The system will maintain a constant temperature at all fixtures in the home providing the immediate availability of hot water. The built-in 24 hour timer also allows you to select the times of day that you wish to have the system cycle. The timer is programmable in ; hour increments and multiple on/off settings can be programmed. A built-in ball valve and check valve allows for quick and easy installation and service.Laing UCT-909-Tankless Ultracirc Recirc Pump Features:; Compact spherical motor design; Energy efficient silent operation; 24 hour timer; Strap-on temperature control; 3/4 union connections for quick and easy installationsLaing UCT-909-Tankless Ultracirc Recirc Pump Specifications:; 1/20th horsepower; 120 volt 60 cycle; 98 watt 0.9 amp; Max fluid temp.; Noise level 30dB

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