Mytee Extractor HP 100 Review

Mytee Extractor HP 100
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I don't own this extractor but I do own another product from Mytee(the M-12). I have to say thier is less then average. Cross your fingers nothing goes wrong with your product because their service is crappy. They will not give you a new one if the product is defective out of the box. They have so many excuses why (like they don't have anymore in stock). B.S.!!!! Mine broke twice already within 30 days and I have to drive the damn unit 2 hours away to have it ship back mytee to be repaired. They try to blame me for not know how to use the extractor. That made me even more mad. Wait a week and lose many jobs and money. Mytee, get your act together!!!! By the way, my M-12 cost me almost 3k :(

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If you are looking for performance and efficiency, discover the MYTEE advantages of the HP100 heated automotive extractor.Not only does this carpet extractor offer continuously hot water for fast, deep cleaning, it also features the industry's most powerful vacuum for efficient extraction and faster drying time - all in one durable unit with a single 25 foot power cord. PRODUCT SPECIFICATIONS: 3 stage vacuum motor with 140" power lift pump; Also has vehicle interior and exterior drying attachments; 100PSI; 1200 Watt 210 degree heater; 15' vacuum/solution hose with 3" wide stainless steel upholstery tool #8400-15; 25' power cord, 12/3 gauge safety yellow; 3" casters/8" wheels; 11 gallon solution and recovery tank capacity; Dimensions: 17" x 22" x 37"97 lbs; Net weight= 97 lbs. Ship weight=114 lbs

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