WindChaser WC163 Outdoor Misting Fan Review

WindChaser WC163 Outdoor Misting Fan
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Amazon experience - 5 Stars. Had an issue with the first unit sent out, but was able to quickly and easily return and receive a new one. Rarely do I have to return products bought on-line, so when it happens, it's something I dread. The feeling of having to repackage and ship the item back (especially one of this size) is daunting. Not with the enormously efficient process that Amazon has. Click on your transaction history, print the return label, stick it on and drop it off at the local post office. I'm sold on buying anything from Amazon due to this great process. Also, the new unit was shipped the minute I "registered" it as a return!
Windchase fan - The first fan didn't operate as intended, but must have just been a manufacturer defect. Given that... The fan took about 5 minutes to put together, and runs great! For anyone who has experienced one of these at a theme park or the like, you know how refreshing it feels on a hot summer day. Bought this one for my pregnant wife while she's out on the patio with our two year old, and it's a hit.
Positives - Runs very well, cools down a large area, and has a certain "cool" effect in that your friends and neighbors will be jealous :-) Also, as mentioned prior, Amazon.com service!
Negatives - The head unit is very difficult to move up and down without feeling like you are going to snap it off. Not sure if anyone would understand this, but try adjusting one of your normal oscillating fans at home and the head moves pretty easily up and down. Then try it on this unit and it doesn't appear to move nearly as easy. The weight of the fan portion is pretty heavy, so perhaps this is the reason. Or it could just be me. Just a design nitpick, nothing that I'd say to keep away from.

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Connect the 90 degree oscillating outdoor misting fan to your garden hose and experience up to a 25 degree F apparent temperature drop. Use almost anywhere patio, pool side, sports sidelines, pet areas, worksites, tropical gardens, green houses and more. Safe to use by water with the G-FCI safety cord.

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