Snow Joe 209 Radiator Humidifier - Beige Review

Snow Joe 209 Radiator Humidifier - Beige
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What can go wrong with such a simple product? There are only two parts, and two
reasons to avoid it.
1) The water vessel is made of plastic that does not conduct heat.
Since heat is not transfered from the radiator to water in the vessel,
evaporation is not done well...
2) Hooks are made for very narrow radiators (less than 2" from the edge to the center).
If your radiators are wider, you'll have to make your own hooks to hang the vessel.
But it won't help you due to 1)...
It's a cheap, but totally non-functional product...

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Radiator humidifier instantly adds moisture to any room without using chemicals or costly filters. Simply fill the plastic unit with water and hook onto the front of the radiator (hanging hooks included) to humidify the area. As the heat rises from the radiator the water contained in the radiator humidifier slowly evaporates spreading moisture throughout the room. Assorted colors beige or grey - please let us choose. 8 x 11 1/2 inches.

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