Bosch AquaStar Horizontal Vent Terminator #AQ3 Review

Bosch AquaStar Horizontal Vent Terminator #AQ3
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This is an excellent kit for any unit that will be vented horizontally that does not exceed 18 inches from the outside of your house. In other words, you need to be mounting the water heater against the outside wall of your home for this kit to work. If you are mounting your unit against such a wall and the wall is less than 18 inches in thickness, this is a perfect kit and will have everything you need. The only downside is that the kit does not do a good job of telling you how to install the required wall heat shield. A quick call to the company can provide you with the help you will need to install it.

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The Bosch AQ3 AquaStar horizontal vent terminator kit includes everything you need for the horizontal venting of Bosch AquaStar water heater model 250SX-LP or 250SX-NG. The vent terminator kit includes a Z-Flex adjustable adapter, a Z-Flex exhaust hood, a Z-Flex intake hood, a Z-Flex wall thimble, a Z-Flex 90-degree elbow, a Z-Flex intake flex pipe, and two gear clamps. These AquaStar water heater models may need additional venting.

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