Floodstop Washing Machine Valve Shutoff Kit Review

Floodstop Washing Machine Valve Shutoff Kit
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I just received this product today. The installation was very simply and it only took about 15 minutes. Overall, I am very pleased with this device. I have tested it several times and without fail, every time the sensor detects water, it faithfully shuts off the two water valves.
The plastic controller housing seems a bit cheap but the valves appear to be high quality. The wall plugin transformer is black with white plastic wire and all other parts of the device are white, so why the black transformer housing? So in the aesthetics category, I would give this product only three stars. But I did not buy it for looks or to show of to friends and family, I bought it for its utilitarian and functional purpose and for that I give the product an overall 5 stars.
There is one water risk that this device does not solve directly and that is if the drain line were to become detached or clogged and the washing machine were to begin draining on to the floor, the water supply lines would be closed but there is nothing to stop the washing machine from continuing to pump all its water content out on to the floor. Fortunately this device includes a set of both normally open and normally closed IO contacts. Using the leads provided, coupled with some relay controlled power outlet, you can use this to disconnect power from the washing machine thereby stopping the water pump. If you do want to take this additional step, make sure to obtain a relay power controlled device that supports a high enough amperage for your washing machine. I am planning on using a Furman MP-20 Power Relay Accessory to solve this. There are probably cheaper options out there but with this device there should be no hassles, just connect the IO contact leads from the controller box to the MP-20.
I also am using a FloodStop system on my hot water heater which is located in the attic. I am using the 3/4 threaded model, but here is a link to the compression fit model:
FloodStop System for Water Heaters**UPDATE** 2010-01-22
Received and installed Furman MP-20 Power Relay Accessory today. Connected to NO (normally open) contact closure leads on FloodStop. Works great!! Now when water is detected by FloodStop, not only the hot and cold water valves get closed, but also the power to the washing machine gets immediately disconnected. This will prevent the pump on the washing machine from burning out if the water leakage is not detected immediately and also prevents water on the drain line of the washing machine from being pumped out in the case where the drain line has been compromised.**UPDATE** 2010-06-23
6 month test passed! Both hot and cold values closed completely with the detection of water on the sensor pad. **UPDATE** 2010-10-06
Wife asked me to take a look at why the washing machine was not working today. The Flodstop was tripped and the Furman MP-20 powered off the washing machine. No noticeable pools of water on the floor, so I started thinking something may be wrong with the Floodstop unit. But sure enough when I picked up the sensor there was a little bit a water on the surface. After wiping off the water and resetting the unit all is working perfectly. I will count this as a successful test :-)

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Stop washing machine leaks from becoming a disaster.Don't risk your floors, carpets and other personal belongings to costly and ruinous water damage!Prevent flood damage and avoid costly repairs with the easy-to-install Washing Machine Valve Shutoff Kit.This system not only detects leaks early, but it automatically shuts your water off in the event of a leak, alerting you with the control panel's alarm.Designed for both residential and commercial dwellings, the Washing Machine Valve Shutoff Kit uses a pair of automatic 9VDC 3/4-inch full port motorized ball valves to shut off the water supply whenever your washing machine leaks.The non-intrusive devices can be installed in as little as 10 minutes; no professional plumbers are required.This kit includes everything you need to protect your property from costly water-leak damage: valves installed on your hot and cold water inlets, a water sensor to be placed on the floor, and the control unit, which is mounted to your wall with the included screws.A power supply is included; you can also install four C batteries (not included) for backup power if desired.You can even add multiple water sensors for different areas around your washing machine.If your washing machine should begin to leak, the controller tells the water valves to close and alerts you with an 87db alarm.The system can also connect to an alarm, an automatic phone dialer, or both.

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