Lux Products ELV4 Programmable Line Voltage Thermostat Review

Lux Products ELV4 Programmable Line Voltage Thermostat
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I bought this thermostat (four of them actually) to replace four 28-year old analog thermostats controlling the baseboard heating in a condo I bought as a second home. These digital units immediately let me set temperatures without having to guess and constantly juggle to get a proper temperature as the old non-digital thermostats required. They hold temperatures within a nice narrow range (although they can be programmed via a dip switch to let temperatures fluctuate a bit more for possible energy savings) for each room. Installation was simple (note that you do want to cap off the second set of wires if you have a 120V system -- read the instructions and note how any existing thermostats are wired to make installation easy). The $2 faceplates which can be ordered separately seem to be necessary to get a finished look on the installation since the thermostats apparently do not mount flush to all boxes.
Each unit takes 2 batteries (AA) so get them before you install the unit. They recommend two major brands and no others -- probably a good idea to follow that suggestion. This is not a "rechargeable battery" setup.

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With its clean, attractive design and electronic accuracy, the Lux ELV4 5-2 Programmable Line-Voltage Heating Thermostat is a must-have for any energy-conscious home. This cost-effective, energy-saving programmable thermostat is designed for electric baseboard, cable, and ceiling heat. It features separate programs for weekdays and weekends and offers four settings per day, as well as an option for vacation.
Multiple Programming OptionsProperly using a programmable thermostat is one of the easiest ways you can save energy and money. And the ELV4 makes saving as simple as can be--it offers four preprogrammed settings to regulate your home's temperature in the winter, while you're at home, when you're asleep, and when you're away. You can also use the on/off switch to turn the heat off during the summer when it is not needed.
For added flexibility, the ELV4 offers the convenience of separate weekend and weekday settings, a vacation hold setting, and a temporary temperature override for manual adjustments. A patented Lux Speed Dial allows for fast programming, and an easy-to-read display shows the current time and temperature.
Save Money and the EnvironmentLike all programmable thermostats, the ELV4 helps reduce energy consumption, but this efficient device takes savings a step further. To maximize your home's energy efficiency, the ELV4 comes preprogrammed with a default heating schedule that's designed to save up to 33% on energy costs over a year, and it can also help cut down on your carbon footprint. Because the ELV4 is 100% mercury free, you can be sure it's a safe and environmentally conscious choice for your home.
Compatibility InformationThe ELV4 works with heating-only systems that are supplied by up to a 20 amp circuit breaker. It's universal design allows it to work with both single-pole (two-wire) and double-pole (four-wire)systems, 120/240-volt systems up to 16 amps (resistive: 1,900 watts at 120 VAC/3,800 watts at 240 VAC), and line voltage (120/240-volt) hot water systems with motors up to 1/4 horsepower. The ELV4 easily fits into a wall-mounted junction box.
Two 'AA' alkaline batteries are required for operation (batteries not included).
About Lux: Innovation, Quality, and ValueSince 1914, Lux Products Corporation has manufactured quality products for the home. It all began with turn-of-the-century timing devices, the forerunners of the now world-famous Lux 60-Minute Timers. Building on the success of these simple and utilitarian items, Lux grew into the multifaceted manufacturer and merchandiser it is today. The Lux name has always stood for innovation, quality, and value. The company's full line of electronic and mechanical thermostats offers models for nearly every heating and cooling application. See how you can save money and conserve energy with Lux.
What's in the BoxLux ELV4 5-2 Programmable Line-Voltage Heating Thermostat, wire nuts, installation hardware, installation guide, and instruction manual.

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