Easy Heat Roof Snow De-Icing Kit Review

Easy Heat Roof Snow De-Icing Kit
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I have had one of these de-icing cables on the front of my house for a few years and it worked great so I decided to add a few more around the house. I have never had a problem with ice dams but this seems like a pretty cheap precaution especially up here in NH.
They provide you with plenty of clips to attached to the shingles and the process is very easy and is a DIY project if you don't mind being on a ladder. It only took me about 30 min. to install the cable.

Just make sure you buy the correct length cable, the way to figure that is through some pre-planning. Take a look at the area you are planning to install the cable and take some measurements. You should have approx 2 foot loops about 16" apart, so if you have a 30 length of roof you want to cover your already at 60 ft., you also need to figure in extra cable for a double run in the gutter (if you have one) so if you add the 30 ft. gutter x 2 that's another 60 ft.
Then add the downspout, let's just say that another 15 ft. x 2 (need a double run for best results) that's another 30ft. So in total you would need a 150 ft. cable for a 30ft. length of roof with a gutter and a downspout.

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Prevent winter damage to the roof, gutters, and downspouts with an Easy Heat ADKS Roof Snow De-Icing Kit. The simple yet effective design features a low-profile, black cable that snakes along outdoor surfaces and provides an uninterrupted path for melting water to flow without re-icing and forming dams. Suitable for almost any inclined roof and approved for both metal and plastic gutters, the cable is easy to install with the included clips and spacers and provides a handy service year in and year out with no maintenance required. It is also CSA Certified and UL Listed, provides 5 watts per foot and 120 VAC, and comes with a three-wire grounded plug and a 6-foot power cord. The cable is available in 30-, 60-, 80-, 100-, 120-, 160-, and 200-foot lengths to fit any sizing need; all mounting hardware is included.

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