Omega Comfort OME 616 LPG Tankless Propane Gas Water Heater Review

Omega Comfort OME 616 LPG Tankless Propane Gas Water Heater
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This unit was so easy to install, I had it working in no time. I am very pleased with its performance. The unit provides hot water for the entire house without any problem.

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"The newest Energy Star rated, US made, Tankless water heater in the market today at a price you can finally afford.Now you don't have any excuse for not owning a tankless water heater instead of your old gas/electricity hog. The OME 616 LPG is a wall mounted gas appliance that delivers a continuous supply of hot water on demand. The luxury of never running out of hot water while knowing that you are consuming less energy is the best feeling in water heating. This unit can provide enough hot water for multiple showers or any other water-using appliances! There is no storage tank keeping water hot all day and reheating it time after time. The OME 616 LPG doesn't have a pilot light to waste gas. This unit also has a remote digital temperature display which will directly show you the temperature of the outgoing hot water. The OME 616 LPG will deliver a savings of at least 50% on your energy bill, while providing an endless supply of hot water at your desired temperature. The electronic ignition means that no energy is wasted when the unit is idle. With computerized sensors, safety devices, and gas valves, this "smart" product monitors the water temperature and modulates the gas consumption to meet your specific demands.This is a unit manufactured in the USA for the USA. That means that the pipes and plumbing systems don't need to be altered.Engineered with total efficiency in mind, the OME 616 LPG is easiest outside unit to install on the market today. The ½ inch water connectors and gas connectors are mounted on the bottom of the unit for easy access. This 26"" X 15"" X 6.5"" cool cabinet and power cord for ignition means this unit can be mounted almost everywhere with the afferent spacing and no exhaust system. The new welded under temp and pressure (instead of sutured) heater exchanger technology give you the chance to own the only tankless brand out there with Lifetime Warranty on the heater exchanger."

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