Chronomite SR-40 208v Instant-Flow SR Tankless Water Heater Review

Chronomite SR-40 208v Instant-Flow SR Tankless Water Heater
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I was somewhat skeptical about tank-less electric but I knew very well tank-less gas heaters from Europe where tank-less technology is used for over 50 years by now. Also, some companies put specs according to their agenda but then in practical use those do not perform. To my surprise I am very pleased with this Chronomite product - all is right on the button and no misleading. Unit is simple, small, very HD and absolutely marvelous. I replaced huge tank heater, run water from the tank to this unit, total cost of adapters was about 30 bucks, all available from local hardware store. I live in Central Florida, but it is winter now, so I get cold water at about 55 to 65 degrees. Unit is heating it very well, on kitchen faucet I get 125 which is 15 degrees more then before, and shower is only slightly less then what it was but only in flow, approximately 95% of flow from standard tank heater yet with water remaining at original 110 max. Consider that in Florida water pipes are embedded in concrete floor (yes, the plumbers job security it is, no kidding), and there is very little if any wrap on pipes to prevent heat loss. I the nut shell: I am very happy with this unit, even if it takes 40A from "former" tank fuse. It appears also that Chronomite heaters have very good soft start contact solenoids and there is no power blinking or EMF distortions present when unit goes on. Now, if you want to be real efficient, you may consider 120V 20A unit under the sink in the kitchen to give you hot water in about 5 seconds, then 240V 20A unit next to washing machine and 40A 240V unit for shower use. Consider those heaters have water flow restriction but if you place them accordingly you will never know those are there. The match is not that complicated and all it takes is common sense and either you can install it or get plumber to do it because no house is the same like another. Please remember also and I can not stress this enough: I do have degree in electronic engineering so I know this stuff but regardless of what can or cannot be done I have to comply with safety requirement regulations and National Electrical Code standards. Please do not improvise, because it is not safe to jazz specs and hope for the best. Now on the shiny side - if you have electric tank-less heaters set right in your house, watch your electric bill drop by 50% more or less. Not to mention that besides saving your money you also save our great nations resources and now you can get that 52 inch LCD LED TV you wanted all with clear conscience and no regrets. There is also funny side to this - electric tank-less are endless, which means you can have hot water in the shower even if someone took 3 hour shower, so if you have teenage daughters, they will be most grateful and no more fights about who run the hot water tank down.

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FEATURES:: 99% Energy Efficient Compact Size Easy to Install Low Installation Cost Unlimited Hot Water Meets ADA Requirements Made in the USA Optional Stainless Steel Housing The Instant-Flow SR model is a great basicĂ‚ instant water heaterĂ‚ for a wide variety of uses. It features a small size, low installation cost, and delivers unlimited hot water. It also meets the ADA requirements and is 99% Energy Efficient. This instant water heater fits great in lavatories, sinks, showers, and other special applications. Chronomite Brocure Download Details

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